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A Message From Professor The Lord Norton of Louth

I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank all the delegates who travelled to Wroxton to take part in this unique Workshop, but also the Dean of Wroxton College, and all the support staff within the College, who helped contribute to the success of our 15th Workshop.

The Workshop of Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians serves to enable scholars to present research likely to be of practical interest to parliamentarians and for participants to engage in a dialogue that enables each to learn from the other.  The 15th Workshop, held on 30-31 July 2022, richly fulfilled its purpose, drawing academics and practitioners from 26 nations and international organisations.  We welcomed parliamentarians from nations ranging from the Maldives to Mongolia, with notable delegations from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  The Workshop was not only the most diverse in the history of the Workshops, but also probably the most successful.  Papers addressed both the relationship between the legislature and the executive – the standard focus of much scholarly research – and the relationship between legislatures and the public, which was a core theme of the Workshop, building on the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) 2022 report on Public engagement in the work of Parliament.

Since the first Workshop in 1994, each has been co-sponsored by the Centre for Legislative Studies at the University of Hull and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, a partnership that has facilitated a wonderful and rewarding discourse between scholars and practitioners, to the benefit of both.

I look forward to welcoming both researchers and members of parliaments, as well as parliamentary staff, to the 16th Workshop, taking place at Wroxton on 27/28 July 2024.

I have also been asked to provide a link to the article ‘Is the Westminster system of government alive and well’ which I referenced in my closing keynote address. This can be found by clicking HERE

Ms. Rachel Mundilo recipient of the 2019 Lord Norton Scholarship had this to say about her Wroxton Workshop experience.

“Receiving the Lord Norton Scholarship for the 14th Wroxton College Conference, 2019 has been a great honour and privilege. The experience presented an opportunity for academics to present papers on subjects that may be of interest to parliamentarians and for parliamentarians to present observations from their own practical experience. The juxtaposition of the research findings against practical experience was both insightful and informative and was presented in a manner which was easy to digest. I had the opportunity to interact with professionals, donor partners and academics who all share the same interests of creating better parliaments the world over. The experience has enriched my own research in providing augmented perspectives to parliamentary democracy as we know it, and it has provided me with much needed exposure to current developments in the study of parliaments. As a legislative drafter the experience has provided me an opportunity to recognize the inroads to be made in my own jurisdiction particularly on post legislative scrutiny, parliamentary oversight and the overall strengthening and support for parliament. I would like to thank Lord Phillip Norton for the opportunity to attend the conference, and I hope to spearhead any related future initiatives for Namibia. 


The first Workshop of Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians was held at the Berlin Science Centre in 1994.  It was co-sponsored by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the Centre for Legislative Studies at the University of Hull, and the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RCLS) of the International Political Science Association.  The Centre for Legislative Studies was responsible for the organisation and has remained so ever since.  The success of the Workshop led to it being a biennial event, co-sponsored by the IPU and the Centre for Legislative Studies, held from the second Workshop onwards at Wroxton College in Oxfordshire in the UK, an ideal venue for the event.


The purpose of the Workshop is distinctive in that it exists to bring together scholars and parliamentarians in order that research findings likely to be of practical use to parliamentarians can be presented and discussed.  It provides an opportunity not only for the findings to be presented and discussed, but also for members of parliaments to meet informally with scholars to discuss their research.  On occasion, papers are themselves presented by parliamentarians and in recent Workshops the practice has developed of having a plenary session to enable participants, especially parliamentarians, to discuss means of strengthening parliaments.



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