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Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians


2019 WORKSHOP (27-28TH JULY)

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Jonathan Murphy (2019 Session 1A)

Parliaments: orphan institutions of democratic development

Jonathan Murphy, International Democracy and Governance Consultancy


Anthony Staddon (2019 Session 1A)

Recommended benchmarks for democratic legislatures

Anthony Staddon, Parliamentary Consultant for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association  (Benchmarks)

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Juan de Dios Cincunegui (2019 Session 1A)

Parliaments in the global governance system

Juan de Dios Cincunegui, Chamber of Deputies, National Congress of Argentina

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Mark Shephard (2019 Session 1B)

Parliaments and Ministers: the impact of ministerial codes of conduct

Mark Shephard, University of Strathclyde 

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Hamid Ghany (2019 Session 1B)

The challenges for ministerial responsibility posed by parliamentary requirements for special majority legislation: the effect of the Canadian Bill of Rights model for human rights in Trinidad and Tobago

Hamid Ghany, The University of the West Indies

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Mark Shephard and Daniel Braby (2019 Session 1B)

Questions to the PM versus Questions by the PM: An Examination of the State and Nature of ‘Punch and Judy’ Politics during PMQs at Westminster

Mark Shephard and Daniel Braby,University of Strathclyde

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Tom Caygill (2019 Session 2A)

The post-legislative scrutiny gap

Tom Caygill, University of Newcastle

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Sue Griffiths & Baroness Suttie (2019 Session 2A)

Post-legislative scrutiny: connecting Parliament with the Public

Sue Griffiths, Global Partners Governance (GPG) and Baroness Suttie, House of Lords

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Wenbo Chen (2019 Session 2B)

Selective responsiveness: information transmission in China’s local legislatures

Wenbo Chen, Beihang University, Beijing


Yishuai Wang (2019 Session 2B)

Public budget engagement of the Chinese legislature under responsive authoritarianism: motives and strategies

Yishuai Wang, East China Normal University/University of Leeds


Ratih Adiputri (2019 Session 3A)

The role of parliaments in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): a study of multi-parliamentary cooperation and Southeast Asian parliaments

Ratih Adiputri, University ofJyväskylä

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David E. Guinn (2019 Session 3A)

Working in Conflict/Post-Conflict Environments:  An Exploratory Comparative Analysis of How Context Shapes Programming

David E. Guinn, SUNY Center for International Development,and Jeffery D. Straussman, University at Albany


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Muhamad Sayuti bin Hassan & Idzuafi Hadi Kamilan (2019 Session 3A)

Advancing the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) through Malaysia Parliamentary Re

Muhamad Sayuti bin Hassan @ Yahya, Sultan Idris Education University and Idzuafi Hadi Kamilan, Parliament of Malaysia

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Monika Brusenbauch Meislová (2019 Session 3B)

More assertive than ever before?  The role(s) and power (s) of the European Parliament in the UK’s withdrawal negotiations

Monika Brusenbauch Meislová, Masaryk University Brno

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Hamid Ghany (2019 Session 3B)

Challenging Arend Lijphart’s Hybrid VI: The case of Guyana

Hamid Ghany, The University of the West Indies 

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Maukesh Basdeo (2019 Session 3B)

Rethinking the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament: The Republic’s Legislative Development Imperative

Maukesh Basdeo, The University of the West Indies

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Katsuhiro Musashi (2019 Session 4A)

Parliamentary control over delegated legislation in Japan

Katsuhiro Musashi, Doshisha University

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Fotis Fitsilis & Franklin De Vrieze (2019 Session 4A)

Parliamentary oversight of sustainable development goals and the application of post-legislative scrutiny principles

Fotis Fitsilis, Hellenic Parliament, and Franklin De Vrieze, Westminster Foundation for Democracy

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Lord Norton of Louth (2019 Session 4B)

The MP-constituency link in the UK: changing roles

Lord Norton of Louth, University of Hull

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Greg Power (2019 Session 4B)

Going Local: How the electoral incentive shapes political behaviour in developing democracies

Greg Power, Global Partners Governance (GPG)

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Andrea Cullen (2019 Session 5A)

Restoration, renewal, rebuilding and construction of Parliament buildings: a case study analysis of the impact of these architectural options on parliamentary democracy

Andrea Cullen, ACT Legislative Assembly, Canberra

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Lord Norton of Louth (2019 Session 5A)

‘Let’s have a chat’: the significance of informal space in parliaments

Lord Norton of Louth, University of Hull/House of Lords

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Vesa Koskimaa & Tapio Raunio (2019 Session 5B)

Encouraging a longer time horizon: The Committee for the Future in the Finnish Eduskunta

Vesa Koskimaa, Åbo Akademi University, and Tapio Raunio, Tampere University

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Emmeline Ledgerwood (2019 Session 5B)

How MPs scrutinise science and technology: developments in the House of Commons during the 20thcentury

Emmeline Ledgerwood, University of Leicester/British Library

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Meg Russell (2019 Session 6A)

The paradox of openness, accountability and trust in legislatures

Meg Russell, University College London

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Nicholas Dickinson (2019 Session 6A)

Tocquevillian restraint or Millian profiteering? Parliamentary remuneration in long-term comparative perspective

Nicholas Dickinson, University of Exeter

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Martin Acheampong (2019 Session 6B)

Legislators’ pathway to power: intra-party competition, clientelism and unresponsive representatives in Ghana

Martin Acheampong, University of Bamberg

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Plenary (2019 Session 7) - Chair: Meg Munn

Chair: Meg Munn, Independent Consultant and former UK Minister for Women and Foreign Office Minister

Plenary discussion based on the IPU reports, Sexism, harrassment and violence against women parliamentarians, andSexism, harrassment and violence against women in parliaments in Europe

Link to IPU Report

Link to IPU Report