Who we are and what we stand for?

The Campaign aims to support the House of Lords as a highly effective second chamber. As the second chamber of the UK Parliament, the House of Lords is effective, legitimate and draws on a membership notable for its experience and expertise. It fulfils its functions of legislative revision, scrutiny and debate more effectively than any of the alternatives on offer.

As a chamber of legislative scrutiny, it is estimated that it makes more of a difference than the House of Commons. It has members qualified for the purpose of fulfilling its role effectively. There is popular recognition that it is doing a good job. Introducing elections for the second chamber would undermine its capacity to operate effectively. Contrary to claims made by supporters of elections, electing the second chamber is not the ‘democratic’ option. Having two elected chambers threatens the basic accountability at the heart of the UK’s representative democracy. Divided accountability does not favour electors: it gives greater power to parties and (as in the USA) special interests.